Do you have questions about mouse E0771 cells?

Recently there has been some confusion on the internet about the proper authentication of the mouse E0771 cell line. CH3 BioSystems is the longest-running supplier of authentic E0771 cells to both academic and commercial laboratories.

CH3 BioSystems acquired an isolate of E0771 cells in 2011 in a contractual arrangement with a world class NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Research Center. The CH3 E0771 Cell Line has been cultivated according to a set of best practices developed by CH3 for optimum growth and long-term storage and viability. These best practices (collected in our confidential and proprietary information advice page) were arrived at by careful attention to cell culture principles over many years. Every premium lot of the CH3 BioSystems E0771 cell line undergoes STR profiling and pathogen testing necessary for transplantation studies. Our testing protocol provides state of the art authentication of this cell line for our customers based upon genetic criteria matching our original isolate of E0771 cells. We have not authorized any other companies to sell our product and can verify neither the genetic authentication nor the consistency of any competitive offerings.

If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone. Our service to customers is our top priority. We wish to make the understanding and use of our products as smooth and effective as possible.