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CH3 BioSystems provides our customers with a protected array of unique products, standard and customized kits and protocols anchored by the patented CH3 Antibody.

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CH3 BioSystems is a biotechnology company based on an entirely new patent-protected chemical technology designed to identify and commercialize drug and diagnostic candidates.

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Disease Research

We manufacture novel molecular tools that facilitate biomedical research. Our goal is a better understanding of cancer and autoimmune, neurodevelopmental, viral and cardiovascular diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

diagnostic and pharmaceutical products


Our long-range vision is to facilitate the creation of diagnostic and pharmaceutical products that are based on the emerging new field of protein methylation biology.


High-performance Molecular Tools

CH3 BioSystems

Our flagship methylarginine-specific antibody, anti-mRG, is specifically designed to recognize the greatest number of methylproteins currently known. The immunizing antigen is based on a site of methylation found in a minimally required peptide sequence of consensus for arginine methylation.