Cell Line Shipping Policies

We ship all of our cell line products to our USA customers via FEDEX. We recommend Priority Overnight Service for these products. We can ship using our account number (and bill you on the order invoice) or you may inform CH3 BioSystems of your own FEDEX account number if you prefer.

In the interest of decreasing shipping costs and increasing the maximum cell viability of the product, our lab recommends shipping live cells in a culture flask. This presumes that the end user is prepared to replenish culture medium and adapt the cells to the appropriate culture conditions upon arrival in the end user lab. Please confirm that this is how you prefer to take delivery.

NOTE: THAT RE-PACKAGING OR COMMERCIAL USE OF THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES LICENSING APPROVAL. Please confirm that your end use is for academic research purposes only.

Any questions regarding these policies or technical cell culture queries related to the product may be referred to John Aletta, Director of Research (jmaletta@ch3biosystems.com).

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