CH3 Biosystems

Our flagship methylarginine-specific antibody, anti-mRG, is specifically designed to recognize the greatest number of methylproteins currently known. The immunizing antigen is based on a site of methylation found in a minimally required peptide sequence of consensus for arginine methylation.

This tool provides a fundamental advantage for research that is exploring the importance of protein methylation in biological systems.

Additional products now available for sale from our catalog and others in development are designed to promote simple and rapid advance in the biomedical analysis of protein methylation.

Our Mission

To provide our customers, the Basic Science Research and Clinical Laboratory communities, with world-class, high-performance products for the discovery of protein methylation pathways in cells and tissues.

To treat our customers as strategic business partners through superior research services to ensure success in the expansion of the field of protein methylation biology.

To broaden the biotechnology market through development of screening technologies to identify and commercialize drug and diagnostic candidates for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and neuro-developmental disorders.