Research Spotlight

Methyltransferase Inhibitors Recent exciting news in the field of personalized medicine of cancer patients: new developments on the collaboration between Epizyme and GlaxoSmithKline may contribute the advancement of cancer treatment research tremendously.  Additionally, there has been new progress made by CH3 BioSystems to create a new drug discovery platform. New development on the collaboration between … Read more

Product Spotlight

Cell Lines Cell lines are derived from normal or diseased tissue that is disaggregated and subjected to limited dilution to generate one or a few cells. Therefore, after several dozen rounds of division, cultures of cell line consist of cells with uniform genetic make-up and additionally homogenous biochemical composition. Here at CH3 BioSystems, our cell lines are … Read more

Tumors, p53 and survivin

Expression Vector

A recent New York Times article published on December 22, 2012 described efforts to develop new drug compounds capable of targeting cancer cells that arise in many different organs of the human body.  Unfortunately, much was left unsaid with little source information to track down more specifics.  Fierce Biotech regurgitated the essentials of the article, but little in the way of … Read more