Cell Counting Reagent

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Cell Counting Reagent

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CellSep is a cell counting reagent formulated for use with cell lines that present the investigator with a serious challenge to accurately assess cell numbers for the preparation of experimental cultures. When dense aggregates of cells make it difficult or impossible to accurately estimate cell numbers using a hemocytometer, CellSep added to a small aliquot of cells acts by disassociating the cells (dissolving the lipid bi‐layer of the cell membrane) and simultaneously staining nuclear DNA with vital dyes. Adding the lysed cells in CellSep to the hemocytometer provides for accurate, reproducible counting of distinct blue nuclei representing single cells.




A proprietary buffered aqueous solution that combines detergents and vital dyes for the promotion of cell separation and staining of nuclear DNA.

Product Usage

Start with a suspension of cells. Remove a small aliquot, pellet cells by brief low speed centrifugation, discard media and add CellSep. Count within 10 minutes. Long delays in counting result in complete dissolution of the cells. Can be used to accurately determine number of cells adherent to tissue culture plastic, as well as in automated counting devices such as Coulter Counters. Contact info@ch3biosystems.com for more information.


All lots are tested with PC12 cells, a notoriously “clumpy” cell line. Separation of dense cell clumps into single and much smaller cell aggregates that are much easier to count using a hemocytometer is confirmed for each lot.


Store tightly sealed at room temperature. Stable indefinitely for the purposes of cell counting.

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