Procedures for Corporate Cell Line Sales

  1. Corporate purchase of any of the CH3 BioSystems unique cell lines begins with first determining whether:
    • the product will be used for contract research sold to third parties by the purchaser (THIRD PARTY CONTRACT RESEARCH) OR
    • the desired cell line will be used exclusively for internal company research at the Ship To: address specified on the invoice (EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH USE ONLY)
  2. For purchases used to perform contract research, a Licensing Agreement is required.
  3. For purchases used exclusively for the benefit of the purchasing business, a Sale of Goods Agreement is required.


Below is a Flow Chart for arranging a Corporate Sale


Contact CH3 BioSystems via the web site ( or by sending an email to




  • Request the standard CH3 BioSystems Licensing Term Sheet
  • Agree to or request modifications to the Licensing Terms
  • A full draft Licensing Agreement will next be submitted to the customer for review by their legal department
  • Negotiate final terms if necessary prior to final signatures execution


  • Indicate whether the cell line will be outsourced to partners, affiliates or others for research purposes
  • Briefly describe the intended scope of work. Indicate if use of the cell line will be used for pre-clinical drug testing or basic research
  • A standard draft of the Sale of Goods Agreement will be sent for review by customer’s legal counsel
  • Request changes or modifications prior to final execution of the Agreement